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Attending a fashion show comes with an array of emotions and immediate responses: all senses are charged, as we allow ourselves the high and acuity of being engulfed in a swarm of vitality, diversity, and novelty. Attending Fashion Week events is proportionately more intense. This year, PETRIe was fortunate enough to be present at shows during the London, Paris, and Milan Fashion Weeks, experiencing the scope of this intensity and revelling in a seemingly endless pool of creativity.

The shows presented a blend of craft paralleled by reflections on itself, on the very creative process in fashion and its capacity to establish ever-new spaces and even times of engaging with a reality that otherwise might escape our control and understanding, drifting into its opposite – the fake, the illusory, the unattainable. Containing a vision for the future as well as an alert sense of our present, the shows required an equally heightened awareness in any effort to record and share immediate viewing experience. This was perfectly satisfied by the exclusive use of the iPhone 7 Plus camera.

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Photography: Paola Vivas for PETRIe

Our choice of device is rooted in a larger take on image production and the visual realm that we share at PETRIe. Being constantly exposed to an image-saturated reality comes with the responsibility to critically assess content, instantly differentiate aesthetic values, and thoroughly engage with the cultural meaning explored. The iPhone 7 Plus is, in this sense, the conceptual and physical extension of the user. An extremely light and reliable device, the new phone makes immediate creative reaction possible, at a quality level unrivalled by other phones. The trippy, slightly psychedelic nature of some shows, with normally challenging light and movement conditions, poses no issues to this camera, which has an incredibly responsive focus capacity; shooting in low light preserves the intimacy of setting with no compromise to quality. The ease to zoom in and out in video mode and the possibility to edit footage on the spot turns the device into a perfect companion for instant coverage.

To remain relevant in a world where the real is almost exclusively deployed and manipulated digitally, one must adhere to the language and technology of the controlling medium, without losing the capacity to reflect and provide equally relevant input. The journey from spectator to creator, from merely consumer of visual content to producer is made simpler by the iPhone 7 Plus, in that it allows immediate editing, sharing, multitasking, and connecting. The dual rear camera is, as expected, a true gem: the much-acclaimed depth-of-field feature does indeed elevate mere snapshots to beautiful portraits, turning behind the scenes coverage into eerily poetic shots.

Photography: Paola Vivas for PETRIe

As we marvel at the innovations on this phone, we cannot but appreciate its status in the row of technologies that historically have turned the medium into the message: the iPhone 7 Plus does create a space and time of its own, its use activating an enclave of technological potential and creative drive that are, in fact, the content of our reality. From its design to its functions, to the somatic experience of holding it and looking at the world through it, the phone employs an aesthetic language of possibility and novelty, which, like fashion, articulates our sense of the present and our visions for the future.


Words – Elena Stanciu

Photographer – Paola Vivas for PETRIe


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